Vodafone giving £10 a month discount on £35 and £40 mobile contracts

If you change up for an 18 month contract Vodafone will give you £10 a month discount on their £35 and £40 mobile contracts.

This is great news because most network companies offer mostly 18 month contracts so with Vodafone knocking of £10 a month we can see this be a real good deal for all you customers.

Vodafone have indeed looked into how £10 can make a whole lot of difference to change your life and according to a Vodafone research it was reported that 52 percent of British people say that on at least one occasion £10 made a real difference.

The research was carried out on 1500 people and it showed that the most popular way to spend £10 is to buy lottery tickets, Vodafone’s research said that by saving £10 a month the top ten list people could spend there money are number one being buying lottery ticket or scratch card, number two was betting on a horse, number three was life changing book, number four is a pregnancy test kit, number five was a mobile top up, number six on the list was buying a drink for their future wife, number seven was buying flowers for their wife or wife to be, number eight a bargain find at a car boot sale or antique fair, number nine is a first driving lesson and last but not least number ten with the £10 is making a donation to a animal shelter when they bought their first pet.

Those are the top ten things people would do with their £10 saving. If you want to be part of this then you should hurry because the Vodafone special runs out at the end of the month.

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