Mobile Broadband launched by O2

The guys at O2 have launched O2 Mobile broadband which they say has been designed for easy, fast and reliable internet connection while on the move. Using a plug-n-play USB modem O2 states that their service will offer “value for money pricing, fast speeds, as well as UK-based after sales service.”

So if you are an existing O2 customer it will cost £20.00 per month, and access will give 3GB of included UK data and unlimited access to The Cloud’s over 7,500 free WiFi hotspots, although with an excessive use policy in place.

This tariff will depend of opting for the £20.00 — 18 month price plan which will include a free of charge USB modem, or they can option for £20.00 per month for rolling one month packages but will need to purchase the USB modem at a cost of £119.99

One thing, it appears that if the user stops being an O2 mobile or landline broadband customer during their contract it will cost £30.00 per month. Excess data will be charges at an MB cost of 20p per MB and giving broadband speeds up to 1.8 megabits per second as of now and 3.6 megabit becoming available as of June.

Source — O2 via pocket-lint


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  1. Andrew says:

    Do not puchase the 30 day rolling contract and pay 119 pounds for the USB mobile broadband stick. If you cancel the contract (seems to be the flexible nature of a 30 day contract) you will NOT be able to take up another 30 day rolling contract in the future without buying ANOTHER usb stick costing a further 119 pounds

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