Fun Text messaging to be embedded on 3UK handsets

Fun Text is going to have their messaging application embedded into a selection of 3UK devices; the results of this deal is that 3UK users gain the option to not only select SMS and MMS but Fun Text services as well in the handsets menu.

Fun Tex messaging allows the user to pick from a wide range of premium content that comes preinstalled in their application which then generates a text message which will contain rich media, so in other words an MMS, and once the message has been sent via the Fun Text application, then industry standard MMS is used to deliver it.

Fun Text

For just over a year now Fun Text has been running on the portal, however this will be the first time an MNO has deployed their application. The Fun Text app will firstly become available on the N73, the N95, E65 and 6120, so therefore it is a Symbian application.

According to the trials the figures show that Fun Text users write 50% more MMS than the more normal user, which bolsters the all important ARPU. 3’s USB data modems are shooting off the shelves at present so it seems to be a good week for 3.

Source — mobile-ent

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