May 4th brings 3 packages of Mobile TV from AT&T

Bad new first, AT&T’s most expensive Mobile TV package with set you back a cool $30.00 per month, but it’s not all bad news because the good news is at $30.00 you will be receiving more than just TV. A tipster reveals that AT&T hopes to launch 3 packages of their MediaFLO based service on the 4th of May.

So now to those all important packages: Limited, will cost $13.00 per month for which the user receives CBS, NBC, Fox, and NBC News; this is so limited if you want it you’ll need to get it off the AT&T website and then call customer serviced for the setup details.

Mobile TV

Next up is Basic: Basic will cost the user $15.00 per month which gives them the full range of channels which is MTV, CNN Mobile, Sony Pictures, Comedy Central, ESPN and the four that are in the limited package.

Lastly there is Plus: Plus is going to cost the full whack of $30.00 per month, but gives the user everything Basic has and in addition unlimited bundles of Cellular Video, and Media Net; therefore the Plus plan is more than likely to be the option most Mobile TV subscribers will opt for.

Source — engadgetmobile

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