RSS aggregator ReadBurner goes mobile

ReadBurner the RSS aggregator service has been re-launched on Tuesday,and now comes with a new appearance along with new features which actually improve on the earlier version. Now even more good news comes out today, as they are about to launch a mobile version of the ReadBurner website.

This new mobile version will offer a fast way for the user to browse all the latest top stories which are also shared by Google Reader while out and about. The mobile version has the same links as the main ReadBurner website homepage such as Upcoming Stories, Most Recent Stories, and Popular Stories.


To select the category you wish to view all the user needs to do it hit the corresponding number on their keypad; and the user will also find links to the mobile version of Google Reader, and the ReadBurner Blog. Once a category is selected the user will find listed stories which they can then select via the same numeric entry.


The mobile ReadBurner posts have been formatted to suit the small screen sizes of mobile phones while still making them easy to read. What’s more is that in addition to the standard mobile Readburner theye is also one especially designed for use with the Apple iPhone. Unlike Google Reader, ReadBurner doesn’t require a sign-up process, and you will also only view the top news stories rather than randomly selected.

Source — readwriteweb

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