American Dancing with the Stars coming to mobile phones: THQ Announce

Not so long ago THQ announced that the ABC popular TV show called Dancing with the Stars will be coming to mobile phones (Cell Phones).

If all you residents in the UK do not know what the hell Dancing with the Stars is let me explain in simple terms, it is basically the American version of UK’s Strictly Come Dancing.

The highly popular television show Dancing with the Stars on mobile phones will let wireless mobile gamers choose their favourite celebrity and even costume whilst training their way through 5 fantastic and exciting mini-games.

All of you players will be able to select 16 different celebrity dancers which you can then perform the Cuban Cha-Cha or the Jive to wow the judges. The game is either going to be loved or played once and never played again, you will be able to track your success and ranking in the eight week competition.

On a personal note “Will I personally play the game? I would have to say know because it bores me, but hey you might love it.


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