4G wireless plans moving forward: Nokia 4G versus Intel Wimax

Nokia are without a doubt a huge company and one of the largest mobile phone manufacturers in the world and now with signing up with the likes of Sony Ericsson, Alacatel-Lucent and NEC to their plans for a 4G wireless system we can see good things to come.

Yes we already have 3G but with 4G in the pipeline this is exciting, the companies named above have all formed a licensing framework for their emerging mobile standard which is called LTE (Long Term Evolution).

To cut a long story short this basically means that the deal will add momentum to LTE which can be seen as a direct competitor to Wimax which is being pushed by Intel.

So it seems it is a Nokia Versus Intel war but who will win, the first LTE networks are being rolled out in the US and China. Long Term Evolution (LTE) is much faster and even more long distance wireless system than that of 3G.

Nokia and their partners say that LTE is definitely the way to go and more logical evolution than that of 3G systems and are even selling it as a solution for mobile phones, this means not only will you see this system on laptops but you will also see it on mobile phones and even fixed broadband connections, even replacing wi-fi.

This framework deal also involves NextWave Wireless and Nokia Siemens Networks, Intel have said that Wimax is definitely the future when it comes to wireless communications and obviously the companies above will say that the 4G is the solution, so in my eyes let the war begin.

Nokia itself has released a Wimax-enabled internet tablet but pulled out of a partnership with Intel to look at putting 3G connections onto laptops alongside Wimax.

Source — pocket-lint

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