Mobile Image Ads by Google AdSence: video

The mobile division of Google AdSence has announced the launch of their mobile image ads, which are still priced at cost-per-click, but can also serve as a branding tool for advertisers, which apparently has shown to be a good click-through rate. Publishers who may be interested would need to update their Google AdSense code which will then begin displaying mobile ads including images on their site.

Supported banner sizes are 215×34, 192×53, and 167 x 30, 305 x 64 pixels. Mobile image ads is presently already available in the US, the UK, Russia, Spain, Japan, Netherlands, Ireland, Italy, India, Germany, France, Australia, and China. Below you will find a video interview with Google mobile ad engineer Sanjay Agarwal.

Google AdSence

Source — intomobile

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