Next month Two DVB-T mobile phones launching by Vodafone Germany

Germany is one of the European countries ardently protesting against the EU’s choice of DVB-H and the European Union’s TV standard, and that is because it has already sunk a considerable amount of cash into T-DMB.

Vodafone Germany is however preparing to roll out a couple of handsets next month which just pull down plain DVB-T signals, which is generally the kind of signal destined for normal home TV’s and not your everyday mobile handsets.

Vodafone Germany

Ok so the mobiles in question are Windows Mobile powered, LG’s HB620T clamshell, and the g-Smart t600 by Gigabyte. Price wise, both should be around €100 that’s roughly $159 with a contract, and as we remember the t600 lacks 3G data, so who would really trade off fast data for TV that’s just going to drain your battery?

Source — the::unwired


One thought on “Next month Two DVB-T mobile phones launching by Vodafone Germany”

  1. tetsuo1er says:

    I have tested the two ones 😀
    The LG is really really better for TV.
    1 – when signal received, the consumption is less than G-smart
    2 – the sensibility is really better
    3 – if you move, the Gigabyte freezes, the LG works in train or in car !!!

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