Nokia 7900 Crystal Prism Frederique Daubal hands on video review & photos

Today we have the Nokia 7900 Crystal Prism which has been stamped with a cool design by Frederique Daubal; we have been sent this handset so we can tell you all about it first hand.

We already gave you the official press release (See here) so let me talk about first impressions when we received this handset, well to start of with when the package came to the door in a Jiffy bag which of course I opened up revealing a lovely and yes sexy gift wrapped with a silk bow tie around a box that had a very nice art design.

nokia 7900 prism pic 26

So far so good as they say, well I opened the box which revealed the Nokia 7900 Crystal Prism mobile phone, Nokia Battery, Nokia Connectivity Cable, Nokia Stereo Headset, Nokia Travel Charger, User guide, Pouch with strap, Frederique Daubal Bandana and Leaflet with product story and of course the manual.

The handset itself and to be honest is a sexy little number but not a mobile phone that would suit me, personally it is aimed more at the ladies but then I could be wrong, there must be plenty of men out there that would love this phone and I am not one of them.

nokia 7900 prism pic 25

Even though this design is not my cup of tea that does not make the phone any less appealing on the contrary. The key features are what makes this phone exciting, yes I have to admit it is the whole Frederique Daubal design that makes the statement here but nether the less with a Sapphire crystal center key, Back cover and wallpapers designed by avant garde artist Frédérique Daubal, Personalization of keymat light from 49 different colors, Seamless design with laser-etched metal surfaces and aluminum back-cover, Living wallpaper making your phone unique and Large 2.0 inch OLED display you would have to say all good so far.

You will also get 1GB built-in memory, MP3, AAC, eAAC+, WMA Music Player with up to 9 hours playing time, Push e-mail with attachments, 2 megapixel camera with flash and 8x digital zoom plus much more which we will chat about in our next hands on usability review. You can check out all the full specs here.

All in all I would have to say the Nokia 7900 Crystal Prism is a good all round mobile phone and would recommend it, we all know that Nokia phones are the easiest to use with straight forward not confusing menu layouts.

nokia 7900 prism pic 23

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The video is below all the photos, just keep on scrolling you will get there my friends. Please also visit www.nokiaprismcollection.com for more information whilst you wait for the next review about usability.

The Photos and after the video –

nokia 7900 prism keypad close up

nokia 7900 prism light keypad light colour palette

nokia 7900 prism pic 1

nokia 7900 prism pic 2

nokia 7900 prism pic 3

nokia 7900 prism pic 4

nokia 7900 prism pic 5.

nokia 7900 prism pic 6.

nokia 7900 prism pic 7

nokia 7900 prism pic 8

nokia 7900 prism pic 9

nokia 7900 prism pic 10

nokia 7900 prism pic 11

nokia 7900 prism pic 12

nokia 7900 prism pic 13

nokia 7900 prism pic 14

nokia 7900 prism pic 15

nokia 7900 prism pic 16

nokia 7900 prism pic 17

nokia 7900 prism pic 18

nokia 7900 prism pic 19

nokia 7900 prism pic 20

nokia 7900 prism pic 21

nokia 7900 prism pic 22

nokia 7900 prism pic 24

nokia 7900 prism size comparison to iphone 1

nokia 7900 prism size comparison to iphone 2

nokia 7900 prism size comparison to iphone

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