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So you’ve got your Apple iPhone handset and you wish to make it more pretty, so you slap on a static wallpaper image to help stylise the staid image on the Apple iPhone’s sexy 3.5inch multi-touch display, but are you satisfied with just the usual static image?

If not then you will be happy to hear that it is now possible to use video as the Apple iPhone’s wallpaper, and this is achieved with the aid of yet another useful iPhone 3rs-party application. With vWallpaper, Apple iPhone owners can alter any properly sized .mov video file into animated wallpaper; the video is then splashed behind the home-screens icons.

You will need to jailbreak your iPhone handset first and add the “i.danstaface.net” app repository to your “Source” list. Once done and you’ve edited your movie to the preferred format, you will need to SSH into your iPhone and add the video to the correct directory like below…

Apple iPhone

– Connect to your local WiFi network.
– Find your iPhone’s IP address by navigating to Settings>WiFi and hitting the blue arrow next to your WiFi network.
– Fire up Cyberduck on your Mac or WinSCP on your Windows machine and log into “sftp://xxx.xxx.xx.x” with username “root” and password “alpine”
– Put videos into these directories:
o /Applications/vWallpaper.app/Library/Skrew/Videos
o /Library/Skrew/Videos

Video showing the video wallpaper on the iPhone handset below.

Source — intomobile

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