Portable cheap tiny mobile phone Solar Charger from Devotec

Many things are cashing in on solar energy, and mobile phones are as well, why charge around looking for an AC outlet when there is plenty of sunshine available?

Well Devotec Industries steps up to the mark with their Solar Charger, the smallest addition to the company measures a miniscule 95 x 43 x 10mm with a weight of just 80grams, and run on an 1800mAh battery.


For on those cloudy days though users can also charge up via AC outlet and USB, and also comes bundled with a multitude of tips to handle most major and popular mobile handsets about. A small setback is it does take a full 12 hours of sun to gain maximum charge, or by using USB/AC 4 hours. The good thing is the price though, as the Devotec Solar Charger will cost £19.99, that’s roughly $40.00.

Source — devotecindustries


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