Apple iPhone Raging Thunder racing game coming soon from Polarbit: Video

The Apple iPhone is one of the most successful phones ever to be produced and even though with the 3G version coming we want more and this is exactly what we all are getting.

To make this iPhone better than what it already is what we all need is a game that will blow you away and we think that “Raging Thunder” will do just that. Games are the future on mobile phones it has been said and driving games are top of the list as one of the most played on consoles, so why not put it on the Apple iPhone.

Well thanks to Polarbit they have come up with a game that will be fun, fast and exhilarating. Ok at the moment the game which is called Raging Thunder is in the development stages but it looks hot and promising.

Let me say a few good points, it looks like after watching the video that the game is working on some sort of tilt accessory, the game graphics looks fantastic considering it is a mobile phone game and the gameplay looks hot. It seems at the moment there is a downside and that is the fact the person in the video is clearly having some major problems with the menu, come on how many times do you have to touch the screen to get it working, oh well we know it will get better after the development stages are finished stages.

The game looks brilliant because you do not need to press anything whilst in gameplay, that means to turn your car left or right all you need to do is tilt it and this is thanks to the built in iPhone accelerometer, to make it much easier to use the person in the video shown below is using some sort of device like that of the Wii Wheel to hold the iPhone.

Raging Thunder for the Apple iPhone is available right now on Installer.app, please watch the video below and let us know what you think.

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