Codenamed iPerformer is the Apple iPhone fighting Nokia 5800 Tube

Nokia has pushed out quite a few mobile phones lately ranging from the dirt-cheap end through the middle range and on up into the high-end, and well one thing is for sure, Nokia isn’t that intriguing when it comes to codenames, which is quite obvious when you take into consideration the newest of codenames Nokia are using.

Word has it Nokia is referring to their S60 Touch OS based Apple iPhone killing mobile phone as the “iPerformer.” Yep, bit of a lame codename but regardless rumour has it the “iPerformer” will hit with a widescreen touch-screen as expected, GPS, NaviScroll, FM radio/ transmitter, QWERTY keypad, Bluetooth, TV out, WiFi, and Web cam, although it’s not quite clear with the webcam deal, but Nokia are the guys when it comes to cameras so we’ll roll with it for now.

Unfortunately the pricing and launch window is still unknown, but any details on the “iPerformer” at this stage are good. Just an afterthought though, it’s not too clear if the iPerformer is the codename for the Nokia 5800 tube, or maybe that of the iPhone killing touch-screen device that is due to follow after it; my guess would be the Tube though, but I could be wrong.

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