Cuusoo Concept Phone with interchangeable flip display

Now this is what it is all about in the world of mobile phones, this is a concept that we here at Phones Review really love. Welcome to the all new Cuusoo Concept Phone with interchangeable flip display.

The Cuusoo concept mobile phone features a detachable screen portion that will let you make video calls on the move, what is annoying is the fact that this world we live in today is highly technical and in that I mean technology that will blow you away, so why the hell has this phone not been made, yes that’s right it would then be called the Cuusoo Phone getting rid of the word “Concept”.

Cuusoo Concept Phone

Because the Cuusoo concept phone has a detachable screen or what we call it “interchangeable flip display” this could mean great things like for example, take the display off and add speakers and so forth.

Let us start a petition to get the Cuusoo Concept Phone into production, because I feel this phone could work.

Source – ubergizmo.com


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