LG Genius MS25 Hands on Mobile Video Review: KS20 Clone

We have told you about the LG Genius MS25 before (See Here) which is basically the clone of the LG KS20 but with a slight difference.

The LG Genius MS25 has 850 MHz GSM support instead of 900 like that of the LG KS20, so what this means for those not into technical words means it can be used in America. The LG Genius MS25 or just simply called LG MS25 features the very stylish looks and the Windows Mobile 6 Professional smartphone comes with specs that include a 2.8 inch QVGA display, a 2-megapixel camera plus a microSD slot for extra memory expansion. The main feature that stands out has to be the design which looks near enough the same as the PRADA phone, the only downside what we can see is the fact the LG Genius MS25 drops the 3D support.

Please do watch the LG Genius MS25 Hands-on Mobile Video Review below.

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