New unlimited data only plan for Prepay PAYG from AT&T great for Apple iPhone

If you are one of the many who use their Apple iPhone for internet access rather than using it as an actual mobile phone you may be interested to know that AT&T has just announced a new data only plan via AT&T Pay-As-You-GO prepaid wireless service.

The plan is $20.00 a month for unlimited data only which give Apple iPhone users the option to put their shiny multi-touch mobile phone to use for gaming, email, internet, and PDA functionality, everything for the net user except voice calls.

AT&T’s $20.00 a month plan breaks down like this: Activate your iPhone to work with the Pay-As-You-Go SIM card through iNdependence, purchase an AT&T pre-paid SIM card and load it with minutes, Call “611” and register your new SIM card, and use the telephone-based system to buy the “Unlimited MediaNet” package for $19.95 (at the voice prompts, indicate that you want to “Buy Features” and then “Data Packages”)

However remember the unlimited data package is only good for one month and will need to up your prepay account every 30 days with another unlimited package. AT&T will charge $10.00 for every megabyte used should you go over the 30 day period, but maybe it’s worth the slight risk of forgetting to renew now and again for cheap unlimited data on the Apple iPhone. Or just simply keep your eye on the data package run out time and everything should run fine.

Source — TUAW


2 thoughts on “New unlimited data only plan for Prepay PAYG from AT&T great for Apple iPhone”

  1. Timothy says:

    What part of .co.uk does this site not understand?

    Why would I be looking on a British site to find out what an American company is charging for it’s services?!

    Or have I missed something? Last I heard AT&T were an American company and the dollar was American currency. It’s annoying enough that there’s no such thing as a truly unlimited package in the UK (on mobile or on normal Broadband, it would seem) without getting false hope from a supposedly British site coming up on a Google search.

  2. K Holden says:

    You may not believe it, but some Brits actually GO TO THE USA…yes, really. So don’t be so shallow!

    …and , oh yes…get a life!

    If you must know you can get a similar deal at O2 for PAYG with unlimited data.

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