The Apple 3G iPhone goes to Switzerland via Swisscom

Apple continues to roll out their iconic mobile phone the iPhone internationally with the news that the Apple iPhone is headed for Switzerland carried by Swisscom. Although an official statement from the telecom company was brief and straight to the point, it simply confirmed a deal has been agreed with Apple; local news sources are apparently filling in any gaps by simply claiming Swisscom will get the unconfirmed 3G Apple iPhone model.

Le Matin newspaper claims the Apple iPhone version that is going to be on sale in Switzerland will sport mobile television, video conferencing and GPS navigation, apparently using an even beefier processor, and will go on sale sometime in June. Ever since the announcement, Swisscom’s website has apparently leaked pricing for the 3G 16GB Apple iPhone model will apparently be available in silver while the 32GB Apple 3G iPhone will be available in black, silver, and white.

Well the description sure does sound like what everyone has been expecting with the Apple 3G iPhone, so maybe we will see it pop up at the Worldwide developers Conference. As for those Swisscom prices they are advertising 3G Apple iPhones including the 16GB model for 659 Swiss Francs and the 32GB model for 772 Swiss francs.

Apparently Swisscom won’t have a fixed rate tariff but is opting for a charge of 40 Swiss Francs per month with users paying 45 centimes per hour of use when calling other Swisscom mobile phones or fixed lines. SMS messaging will cost 20 centimes per message and data transfer 50 centimes. Reports have it the Apple 3G iPhone will be available through all 118 Swisscom stores and Apple in-development own brand retail stores in Geneva and Zurich.

Source — pocket-lint and 9to5mac

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