Unboxing the HTC Touch Diamond Pictures plus four videos: Great packaging

We all know that the HTC Touch Diamond is one of the most talked about mobile phones at the moment, well other than the BlackBerry Bold and more so the Apple 3G iPhone, personally I am so loving this HTC Touch Diamond and really want one so bad.

Anyway we have a few pictures below thanks to eprice.com of the HTC Touch Diamond being unboxed, just looking at the pictures the packaging itself tells you how sexy this mobile phone is, the package is wedged shaped and amazingly they have crammed in the phone, the charger, the USB cable, a few manuals and the software oh and the headset, how on earth they got all this in this sexy wedged shape box is beyond me. Below you will see four videos which I am not going to tell you about, just watch them and enjoy, the videos are right down below the pictures.

So scroll down nice and slowly and enjoy the pictures then please check out the four videos provided. Oh and please do visit eprice.com

The Pictures & Videos –










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