Violent robbers jailed thanks to National Mobile Phone Crime Unit

The world can be a pretty bad place especially when it comes to violent robbers, well thanks to a National Mobile Phone Crime Unit and investigation has finally led to the jailing of two violent robbers.

These robbers went after wealthy ladies in where they stole £125,000 worth of possessions, Jamie McVie, 25, of Portnall Road, west London and Devlin Williams, 24, of Palermo Road, north London targeted women in a series of linked violent robberies between May and August 2007. A number of mobile phones were stolen and this is where National Mobile Phone Crime Unit (NMPCU) got involved, the special unit used mobile tracking equipment which helped the police immensely, this unit and the officers combined helped find and apprehend the robbers.

Devlin Williams pleaded guilty to five counts of robbery and got life imprisonment, Jamie McVie pleaded guilty to one robbery and got six years in jail, the case was held at Southwark Crown Court. It goes to prove the technology to do with mobile phones is not all about phone calls, they are amazing and with special units they can track within a radius of where the phones were used, at what time and can even read your messages.

If you know more about the National Mobile Phone Crime Unit, please let us know about them and what they do.

Source — Mobile Today

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