Does the LG-CU920 mobile phone Copy the Apple iPhone?

LG has recently launched the LG-CU920 mobile phone, more commonly known as the LG Vu and is expected to be carried by AT&T. The LG-CU920 belongs to the LG Vu category and is looked upon as yet another clone of the Apple iPhone.

But is it really an Apple iPhone clone? Yes granted there are a few similarities, but it has a Prada like form and is the first mobile phone to bring this to the States. When compared to the Apple iPhone the LG-CU920 clearly shows it’s not a direct rival. Yes it is equipped with a 3 inch touch display, and is clearly a full touch phone, but one of the main factors that separate the LG-CU920 from the Cupertino music phone is its TV.


The LG-CU920 is the first AT&T mobile to support Qualcomm’s MediaFlo technology which is behind the mobile TV service of America’s number 1 and number 2 carriers. May’s launch will see the LG-CU920 with 8 TV channels Comedy Central, CBS, ESPN, FOX, MTV, NBC News, NBC, and Nickelodeon.

It’s similar to the Apple iPhone though, but is positioned to be more an all-in-one mobile phone. The LG-CU920 has full HTML internet browser, and although not as great as the iPhone’s Safari, its HSDPA support will leave the best iPod standing in the seep stakes. Also unlike the Apple iPhone when it comes to text input the LG-CU920 offers plenty of options such as a virtual 12 key number pad, a landscape orientated QWERTY keyboard, and handwriting recognition.


A whole webpage cannot fit the LG-CU920’s screen due to its low resolution, which isn’t a problem for the Apple iPhone as it can zoom in and out, and the problem with the LG-CU920 is the user cannot pan round but has to scroll via the on-screen buttons.

So is the LG-CU920 really a copy of the Apple iPhone? Personally I’d have to say no, but it is fairly close and if it wasn’t for the TV option and the retractable antenna, I’d probably be saying yes. What are your thoughts?

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5 thoughts on “Does the LG-CU920 mobile phone Copy the Apple iPhone?”

  1. Geoff says:

    I think it is. So many companies have tried to imitate the iphone. But most of them add other features like radio or a nice camera so that they can say “for the same price you get something more”. Sure something you might nor use often. I think the only thing that beats the iPhone is its mobile tv but as of now and the high coats of mobile tv, its just not worth it. Maybe in 3 years

  2. James says:

    Nope. This is a UK site so I will just assume that readers are aware of the Prada phone which came out some 6 months before the was launched.
    Are the iPhone and Vu both touchscreen? Yes.
    Do they handles phone calls and messaging? Yes
    So what makes them different? Well fundamentally they cater to 2 different crowds. The iPhone is in a class of its own and I would actually consider it a multimedia device with access to GSM networks.
    The Vu on the other hand is purely meant to be used as a phone/fashion handset first then do other things later.
    I own this phone and I can say that I prefer to the iPhone becuase the iPhone is just not enough phone for me. I was not in the market for an all in one multimedia powerhouse. I just wanted to something that was slim and had some network specific features available on At&t network a la MediaFlo.

  3. suraj yadav says:

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