Would you like a meeting co-ordination business class tool for the iPhone Free? Tungle

The Apple iPhone is as we know a wonderful device that helps us through the day of business and the more apps we can find for it the better. Well we have come across Tungle, what the hell is a Tungle you might ask?

Well Tungle is a Microsoft Outlook pug-in that will empower users of the iPhone to coordinate meetings with anyone, across platforms which include Google Calendar, Lotus Notes and iCal, this all works on the BlackBerry as well; it also includes time zones, platforms across organizations and even individuals not using Tungle. So far so good and thanks to the developers of Tungle we can now have a business-class meeting co-ordination tool support for the iPhone. They say “Smart phone users have demanded a rich interface, real-time information and easy access to their busy calendars.” says Marc Gingras, Tungle CEO. “Tungle is a great fit for this audience. Extending our interface to iPhoneâ„¢ users means they now have a simple to use and powerful tool to coordinate meetings quickly and efficiently anytime, anywhere away from their computer.”

tungle-iphone meeting co-ordination business class tool

By using the all new Apple iPhone interface those who check emails on their iPhone device can receive a Tungle meeting invitation with a link, a click on the link will then launch a browsing session to the Tungle scheduling site formatted for their device. The they update their availability, once this meeting is booked they will automatically receive a booked meeting confirmation which is formatted for their iPhone calendar. If you are a Mac user or iPhone user you can now use Tungle.

Will you be using Tungle?

Visit www.tungle.com for more information and how to get it.


One thought on “Would you like a meeting co-ordination business class tool for the iPhone Free? Tungle”

  1. don Farrell says:

    this is done better by SMEScheduler – point your Iphone at http://www.thesmespace.com/SMEScheduler. I’ve been using this for as while now from the web and on the iPhone and it works a treat. All participants get a fibalised confirmation that integrates with Outlook, Mac or Google Calendar, and best of all it integrates with Twitter so you can get real-time SMS alerts when participants accept meetings. Tried Tungle and this is much better IMHO.

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