The darker side of mobile phones wouldnt you agree?

On a serious note: Every day of every week we talk and breath mobile phones, updates and upgrades, firmware and firmware bugs, cool releases, new releases, leaked details and images, iPhones, Diamonds, and other technological marvels, and sometimes it doesn’t always do us any good, but then again not much harm either.

But the darker side of mobile phones can harm, as last week in London an 18 year old boy died after an argument, an argument related to a stolen mobile phone. The boy had a promising career, and played a role in the last Harry Potter movie, and now he’s dead all because of a mobile phone, certainly a darker side to the mobile phone I would say.

Another dark stain against the mobile phone is even if you are the busiest person in the land; never fire someone by text message. Common politeness begs that the busiest of bosses at least has the dignity and sense to fire an employee face to face.

The reason I bring this up is Tony Cecere, who was fired via SMS, how rude to put it mildly. What’s more he was asked to return his company car the same way. The day after receiving the SMS Tony Cecere committed suicide. Apparently Tony was suffering from a mental affection; however his widow believes it was the SMS that made him act that way. Tony’s family will receive $300,000 in damages from the Union, as sentenced in court, a help yes, but it won’t replace Tony.

Harsh reality directly connected with the mobile world, not the mobile world’s fault, but a connection none the less. After all no matter how technologically advanced it is still only a mobile phone, and certainly not worth losing any life over.

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