Mobile game Guitar Hero III Jams its way into bestseller list

Yeah it’s number one in the first quarter of 2008, the best selling mobile game on Verizon Wireless mobile phones, Hands-On Mobile’s Guitar Hero III. Guitar Hero III was initially a Verizon Wireless exclusive release, the music game quickly fell in tune with fans across the globe, and has amassed nearly one million downloads across all wireless service providers.

Every day in excess of 250,000 songs are played by mobile subscriber across America, while the most played songs include “Black Magic Woman” re-record, “Mississippi Queen” re-record, and “Slow Ride” re-record.

Additionally, Hands-On Mobile also announced their Guitar Hero III Mobile June Song Pack; this is a feature that allows Guitar Hero III subscribers the opportunity to download three new songs every month.

guitar hero III

On June 1st more new songs become available to wireless users and will include “Rock and Roll All Nite” re-record, “Talk Dirty to Me” re-record, and “Stricken” original-recording. The June Song Pack downloads allow players to access in excess of 150 unique note charts across three levels of difficulty being easy, medium and expert, and in excess of 50 songs within the first year of the games release.

Vice president of digital media programming for Verizon, Ryan Hughes said: “Verizon Wireless customers have shown a tremendous appetite for mobile games – the category is an important part of our strategy to increase data revenue, and marquee titles such as Guitar Hero III help create demand and engage our customers in mobile gameplay.”

So there you go mobile gamers’ new releases just waiting for you to access and download, no wonder Guitar Hero III hit the blockbuster list, have fun.

Source — slashphone

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