Is there going to be a delay with the Apple 3G iPhone launch?

More rumours concerning the Apple 3G iPhone, this time round the mumblings are that maybe Apple may have to delay the highly awaited launching of their second generation iPhone. Although unless Apple actually make an official announcement I’d take this one as just what it is, a rumour.

According to Nicolas Gaudois, a UBS Investment Research analyst, a profit warning has been issued by Infineon, this warning from the chip maker says it “received lower orders than expected” for 3G/HSDPA baseband chips for a particular “high-speed Internet phone.”

Infineon hasn’t actually confirmed said low orders of 3G chips were indeed headed for the Apple 3G iPhone, but the general consensus is the Apple 3G iPhone will indeed be powered by a 3G Infineon chip. But Gaudois then goes on to tie the low order rate to delays in the Apple 3G iPhone’s ramp.

Gaudois said: “In our view the profit warning has been caused by ramp changes of next generation iPhone, into which Infineon is supplying the main High-Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA) chipset.” Apparently said delay has resulted in some 1.5 million less orders of Infineon’s 3G chipset in the present quarter.

Having said this, Infineon expect orders to pick up next month, and also added that a one and a half month delay on a “Nokia project” has also added to the revenue shortfall.

Source — appleinsider

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