VIVOphone Deploys Paradial RealTunnel® to Solve NAT Traversal Challenges for VoIP Services

We love the fact when someone tries to solve something when it comes to VoIP Services and the latest press release is about VIVOphone deploying Paradial RealTunnel® to Solve NAT Traversal Challenges for VoIP Services.

The full press release is below for you to read:

STUN, TURN, ICE and SSL tunnelling in RealTunnel® enables VIVOphone’s customers to access VIVOphone’s VoIP services from anywhere — even when users are located behind strict corporate firewalls and web proxies.

Oslo, Norway and Miami, Florida, June 2, 2008 — Paradial and VIVOphone today announced that VIVOphone has enhanced their VoIP service with Paradial’s RealTunnel® firewall and NAT traversal solution. RealTunnel, which supports ICE, STUN, TURN and SSL tunnelling techniques, enables VIVOphone to deliver VoIP services that otherwise is prevented from working due to firewalls, NATs and web proxies.

“VIVOphone’s decision to partner with Paradial demonstrates how high quality service providers can improve service quality and reliability without end users or IT managers having to jeopardize security by modifying firewalls that otherwise interfere with VoIP traffic.”, said Ingvar Aaberg, Paradial CEO. “This agreement also extends our presence in North, Central and South America”.
“Solving the NAT traversal challenge in a cost efficient and secure manner demonstrates our commitment to offer high quality services to our customers. RealTunnel allowed us to reduce risk, increase time to market and to lower support cost.”, said Darwin Roach, VIVOphone’s CTO.

About VIVOphone
VIVOphone is a well established, fast-growing VoIP service provider. Based in Miami, with offices in Latin America, VIVOphone focuses on the US and Latin American markets. A developer of softphones and VoIP related technology, VIVOphone provides cost-effective communications services, state-of-the-art robust and reliable solutions to customers across the globe. Based on a highly advanced IP-PSTN translation network, VIVOphone systems handle outbound and inbound calls both to and from the PSTN via a highly integrated softphone and multi-protocol gateway managed by the company. VIVOphone has won several industry awards, and collaborates closely with Fortune 100 corporations to provide OEM VoIP solutions at both the software and device level. For more information, visit www.vivophone.com

About RealTunnel
Paradial RealTunnel is a comprehensive traversal product for FW/NAT (Firewall / Network Address Translation) and web proxies. RealTunnel works with virtually any SIP, H.323 and H.460 clients as well as any FW/NAT device – including strict corporate firewalls – without requiring FW/NAT or network reconfiguration. RealTunnel consists of RealTunnel clients and RealTunnel Servers. Paradial also offers the RealSIP Conferencing Unit (MCU). Please visit www.paradial.com for more product information.

About Paradial
Paradial develops and markets software technologies that solve one of the most critical challenges in VoIP: NAT Traversal. Paradial’s RealTunnel® product enables secure and high quality media solutions to work across IP networks. RealTunnel supports STUN, TURN, ICE, H.460 and other traversal technologies for SIP and H.323 — ensuring enterprise and corporate users can place and receive calls whenever they have an internet connection.

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