Apple 3G iPhone Version 2.0 price, specifications and details: Is this a rumour?

Now we all love Apple 3G iPhone Version 2.0 breaking news and the latest news will have you in a spin, we have already reported on a number of occasions leaked photos etc which may be true but then again maybe false, we just report what we have seen.

This news is all about price, specifications and details. According to the source below “MacRumors” have had some unconfirmed information about the much talked about second generation Apple 3G iPhone which is Apple is expected to announce at the Worldwide Developer’s Conference. The rumour and yes it possibly is a rumour (Who Knows) that the new iPhone is supposedly lighter but to tell you the truth it would not matter if it weighed a little more. Apple would never release a phone that is crap to carry around and in that we mean uncomfortable, the news says that the next-gen iPhone will come in black plus a few other colours.

Moving onto the specifications front and pricing the Apple 3G iPhone will apparently focus strongly on multimedia, for example video recording and video conferencing and that it will come in two models, Apple will use the same screen (same resolution and size), The recessed headphone jack will be replaced with a regular one which is great, Shiny, silver case will no longer be silver (though it may still be shiny), Old iPhone will likely get a make over and price drop, 3G mode can be turned off for 2G mode and Spotlight search for contacts? And a few options for Chinese and Japanese input, including Chinese handwriting.
There will as said be two models which will be the 16GB version and 32GB version, the 16GB will cost around $499 for the handset whereas the 32GB version will cost a cool $699. There are also reports of the new iPhone supporting GPS. The question we all want answered for all budget minded people “Will they keep the original iPhone on the market because the new one may be a little too expensive?

Source – MacRumors

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