Free Apple iPhone Book 4: 268-page encyclopedia added to iLounge.com downloads

iLounge.com’s has an amazing and of course expanding library of books but this seems it is not enough because another volume has been added to iLounge.com’s library.

The latest news is that of the Free iPod + iPhone Book 4, we are about phones but I have to report the news how it is and this one is about iPods as well as the iPhone. The Free iPod + iPhone Book 4 is a brand new 268-page encyclopedia of all things iPod, iPhone, and iTunes that will be added to the sites list of downloads. The book itself has been registered and even streamlined as the fourth edition and will be and we say apparently iLounge’s best publication yet, this new book will defiantly and guarantee in helping readers make the most of Apple’s popular digital media devices.

The Free iPod + iPhone Book 4 now features ratings of over 1,800 iPod and iPhone-related products and services, there is also in depth guides to each of Apples media devices which include Apple TV and iTunes. You can see the downloads of the Free iPod + iPhone Book 4 in Adobe PDF
Format which are available here plus iLounge’s famous 2008 Buyers’ Guide and past editions of The Free iPod Book can also be downloaded for free from here.

Source – prnewswire

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