Apple Rumour: They have pulled out of Apple Expo 2008! Is this true?

There are rumours flying around about Apple pulling out of Apple Expo 2008, we are not too sure if this is true or false, according to Macgeneration (See here) they have reported the following.

We have noticed this news on the internet a few times today but we found it via Macgeneration first so we will go on what they say, “Apparently” Apple will not be taking part at the Apple Expo 2008 which will be held in Paris, France between September 17th and 20th. Reports are showing that earlier floor plans for the Apple Expo 2008 event showed a designated area for Apple, but for some reason this area is now listed as reserved.

Confirmation of Apple’s move is expected to be provided by Reed Exhibitions France, the organizer of the show, later this week. Expo is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year and is one of the world’s largest Apple trade shows; obviously the future has remained questionable for years because of Apples absence. In recent years Apple have indeed scaled back its participation in the show and they have not held a keynote presentation at this event since Phil Schiller Apple’s Senior Vice President of Worldwide Product Marketing introduced the iMac G5 during his 2004 address,

So is this all true, have they really pulled out of Apple Expo 2008?

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