Limited Edition Sony Ericsson S500i goes floral: Jemma Kidd Make Up

The Carphone Warehouse will be selling the limited edition Jemma Kidd Make Up Sony Ericsson S500i today, the mobile phone has just had a makeover which is obviously aiming at the girls. The handset has a new floral design, now women cannot moan they never have flowers ever again because they will have flowers everyday in their hands.

Sony Ericsson have just announced the limited edition S500i “Flowers” mobile phone, this phone will give you a whole new fresh look which can only be described as fashionista baby. The limited edition S500i is covered in stunning flowers which will mirror the catwalk trends for all floral lovers. This phone goes out to all you girls who loves flowers and to add more of a wow factor for each purchase The Carphone Warehouse will give you a selection of limited edition Jemma Kidd Make Up School goodies for nails and eyes worth £16. Just a recap on the phone, the features include a 2-megapixel camera, media player, web browser, email plus themed LED mood lighting, this GSM phone is 14mm thick/thin.

Phones Review Say: We have looked five times today so far and still have not seen this phone on The Carphone Warehouse website. If you see it there before us let us know?



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