BlackBerry 9500 Thunder image real or fake?

After Research In Motion released the BlackBerry 9000 mobile phone, also known as the BlackBerry Bold, they announced there was a new model in the works, the BlackBerry 9500 named Thunder. By the way, the BlackBerry Thunder will be RIM BlackBerry’s first touch only mobile phone. Just going to have to wait to see how RIM works that one out, but I’m sure the diehard Research In Motion fans will love the Thunder’s full QWERTY keyboard.

This Image was seen with Horizon Wireless, so is it possible to pre-order the BlackBerry Thunder right now? Could this image be another well manufactured fake? This image is somewhat blurred, and some would say this indicated it is original, but it makes me wonder why take a hurried blurred photo?

What’s the word from Waterloo? Research In Motion come out and say this is a fake or real? Not anything I’ve heard, but then if it is a fake RIM wouldn’t bother denying it would they, especially if it takes the inquisitive RIM fan away from the real Thunder before it’s announced.

Then again, having a look at Horizon Wirelesses website I note that they have this up… “Specs coming soon Photos will be back soon – we were asked to remove them, sorry” Could this mean Research In Motion requested the images removed? We can only speculate, and no doubt RIM will let everyone know about the BlackBerry Thunder when they are ready.

Source — mobilewhack

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