No Confusion of open sourcing! Google say Android will be 100 percent open source

Good news for all those reading about Android because Google have say Android will be 100 percent open source. There was slight confusion about Google’s intentions with the so called open sourcing of Android and of course this was rising, but confusion may stop now.

At the Google I/O conference Ed Burnette asked 3 separate Google employees what was going on, and they all basically said what of course we have all heard before, Ed Burnette from ZDNet said that when he asked these three different Google employees at the Google I/O conference in San Francisco, it was confirmed that the core Android platform will be 100% open source. This means that the Apache license will be used when it can, otherwise the EPL or GPL may indeed take its place.

There are some applications included with Android like that of GMail will not be open sourced since Google does not have an API to deal with such a thing like their email service, of course we will all see many examples of this as time goes on. All we know is if calls and SMS texts are free and even down to browsing the Web for free then we know all will be happy indeed. All we need to do is sit back now and wait for the first devices to ship. Have fun waiting.

Source – ZDNet

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