33 viewer complaints gets LG mobile phone car advert banned by Watchdog: Is this right?

We want to know what your views are on this latest news, Watchdog has just banned a TV commercial because it appeared to show a woman using her mobile phone whilst driving, this is why it has been banned by the Advertising Standards Authority.

Who got the brunt of this ban? Well that would be LG Electronics, the watchdog received complaints from 33 viewers saying that the LG Electronics advert was likely to encourage dangerous driving, in the advert the woman was sitting in a traffic jam then a finger was seen touching the touchscreen. LG has said that is was not meant to imply she was using the mobile phone in the car, but indeed imagining she could be somewhere else. The firms intentions was to show the woman imagining what more interesting things could be done with her mobile phone rather than being stuck in traffic, they carried on to say her hands were in fact shown on the steering wheel.

The woman’s finger was seen touching the screen of the mobile phone and then the advert switches to images of the woman in a swimming pool, motorboat and dancing. After all said and done the Advertising Standards Authority upheld the viewers’ complaints with a statement saying that she was using the mobile phone and could clearly be seen as condoning the use of mobile phones while driving. All the above ended with a ruling that the commercial should not be shown ever again in that form.

Do you agree that it should have been banned?



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