Apple UMTS 3G iPhone being sold by Softbank in Japan

The latest news in is about the Apple UMTS 3G iPhone, Softbank who is Japan’s third largest mobile phone operator have now got the rights to sell the Apple iPhone.

The Apple iPhone is talked about more than any other mobile phone at the moment so this is fantastic news for all those in Japan, Apple seem to be taking over the world and with Softbank selling this device we can see amazing revenues coming in. This announcement comes via the source link below and as usual there are no details related to exclusivity, you know like NTT DoCoMo and KDDI being one of them.

Softbank however are a W-CDMA (UMTS 3G), not GSM/EDGE carrier, so where does Apple go now after Softbank start selling the iPhone later this year. We would love to know how many of you in Japan really want this phone via Softbank.

Source – Softbank


5 thoughts on “Apple UMTS 3G iPhone being sold by Softbank in Japan”

  1. Rob Nugen says:

    I personally signed with Softbank because Apple did a deal with them a couple years ago, so I figured Softbank would get the iPhone when it came to Japan.

    So I, personally, am happy it’s coming to Softbank, that’s ASSuming I can just upgrade to the new handset and not have to pay extra… but we’ll see once the news release regarding this is more than one line long.

  2. Loyd Flaherty says:

    I also signed with Softbank 2 years ago as I thought they’d be the most likely to deal with Apple. I think it will do well in Japan because so many here use iPods and take public transit. Japanese like to keep baggage to a minimum so the less things to carry the better. I hope the G3 iPhone has a good camera. I’ll buy the iPhone as soon as it comes out. I almost gave up and was about to buy a Nokia. I needed a cell phone that sync with iCal . Also needed the wifi the Newest Nokia with softbank looked good and has a 5 meg camera.

  3. akash says:

    i have a KDDI handset and I’m waiting for the iphone to launch in Japan. I don’t want to switch to softbank as softbank has VERY bad connection. I would like to know the exact day the iphone launches in Japan and I hope the price plan of the iphone will be cheap.

  4. Loyd Flaherty says:

    To:akash iPhone not going to be cheap.
    iPhone is not going to be a cheap phone this year people would sign up and then skip the country with phone in hand if it were cheap. As of this time for example the NOKIA N95 Called SoftBank X02NK (a great phone by the way) is not cheap. SoftBank is selling in the 50,000 yen range and not a free swap and not monthly payment but just straight up payment. SoftBank outlet sales people don’t know but expect it to be an straight up payment like that. No sales staff know the exact date of sale. Everyone is just speculating. Softbanks connections are very good where I live. They have upgraded the connections since days gone by. So you might have a friend who has a softbank phone check out the resent reception in the areas you live and work. You’d be surprised how good it is. If you are not surprised then stick with KDDI they are a good company.

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