2008 Summer Mobile Phone Collection announced by Softbank

Ok, so notice anything about the new Softbank summer collection of mobile phones? Well with the exception of one handset from Sharp, the Pantone Slide 825SH, all the others just happen to be flip design mobile phones. Ok, the 921P from Panasonic is a dual pivot to make viewing more enjoyable, but that’s it.

So just what can we expect to see this summer from Softbank, well here is a rundown of what we know. Launching early July is the Sharp 923SH with a large 3.3 inch WVGA screen and AQUOS branding; the Panasonic Tropical 823P apparently waterproof and launches late June; the Sharp Premium Waterproof 824SH, supposedly the worlds slimmest waterproof mobile at 15.3mm and in metal will launch early July.

Launching early July is the PANTONE Slide 825SG from Sharp with integrated motion sensors along with a choice of colours; the Mirror II 824P Panasonic with allegedly colour morphing surface with WQVGA display launches early August; NEC 821N, with “cute incoming light,” whatever that is, and launches early July.

Early September will see the launch of the Toshiba 824T with jewel-like surface and matching colour options, mostly targeted at the ladies; the GLAMOROUS 821N is a fancier version of the 821N and in collaboration with GLAMOROUS Magazine launches 6th September; the stainless steel NEC 820N with 3 inch display and 11.7mm body launches early July.

The final two are the Panasonic 921P with VIERA branding 3.1 inch display that pivots in both directions launches early August; and finally the Toshiba 823T with 2 megapixel camera and integrated carbon fibre accented casing to launch early September.

Source — softbankmobile

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