Aliph Jawbone Bluetooth headset in the UK via Carphone Warehouse only £59.99

You can now buy the awesome Aliph Jawbone Bluetooth headset via The Carphone Warehouse for only £59.99, this headset is one of the best around and you can own one.

The Carphone Warehouse description of the Aliph Jawbone says the Jawbone is the first adaptive Bluetooth headset for mobile devices, eliminating virtually all background noise using Noise Shield, technology originally developed for use in tanks and helicopters.Jawbone combines the latest innovations in acoustics, audio processing and industrial design to provide exceptional voice clarity so you can have productive, uninterrupted conversations in even the most extreme conditions. Determines precisely when you’re speaking to separate your speech from background noise. Distinctive, award winning design by Yves Behar. The Jawbone Bluetooth Headset has been tested with various handsets and has a high compatibility rate compared to any other Bluetooth headset.

Go on go buy one now — BUY HERE

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