Do you prefer RIM BlackBerry or Apple 3G iPhone 2: Specs or Brand?

There are so many fans of Apple and so many fans of RIM BlackBerry and the burning question is do you prefer Apple or RIM BlackBerry? Do you actually prefer brand or specifications when it comes to mobile phones?

Apple and RIM BlackBerry are two of the biggest companies in the world in the mobile phone industry and obviously at the moment many consumers, news groups and many others are looking for more information about the all new Apple 3G iPhone, We will not go on about today as you are well aware of the keynote speech happening later today, but we do want to know if you go for the brand or the specifications/features.

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The Apple 3G iPhone or also know as iPhone 2 and many other smartphones have similar specs for example the BlackBerry Thunder which is a much talked about phone, many people do indeed choose either one or the other but why? Do you buy phones dependant on the brand, or do you buy phones dependant on the features?

Personally I have the Apple iPhone which I will no doubt trade in for the new one, we all know when BlackBerry devices are new people go and buy them, and when Apple release something new the same happens people buy them, but why? I personally go on brand and features; I personally do not like BlackBerry because their devices have never excited me in either design or appeal. Maybe I am missing out on something; I will never know I guess until I buy a BlackBerry.

Please do let us know why you choose one over the other?


8 thoughts on “Do you prefer RIM BlackBerry or Apple 3G iPhone 2: Specs or Brand?”

  1. Alio says:

    I have owned both and I do prefer the blackberry for one simple reason. It just works. I get my email, music, youtube all integrated along with work email/calendar etc. The IPhone doesn’t actually do much if you can look beyond the fancy screen transition effects on the touch screen. People often call the IPhone to be multi-touch which actually is wrong. It is dual-touch and a great device for picture browsing but it ends there.

  2. Seth says:

    I owned an iPhone and after having it for a few months I dropped it and cracked the screen. I decided to sell it on Ebay and I used the money to buy a Blackberry Curve. Both were firsts for me: first iPhone and first Blackberry. I’ve also owned Palm and WM 5 and 6 devices.

    At first I didn’t like the Blackberry after having an iPhone. After using it for about a week I started to really like using the thing. I think they’re both good and can both exist in the market. Both have their faults.

    I hate that there’s no copy and paste on the iPhone but the Curve pisses me off because it can’t display HTML in emails. What the hell? It’s 2008! I guess both problems will be fixed with software updates. I do miss the virtual keyboard. Oddly I was faster on that than the BB’s chiclet keys.

    I’m a Mac user and I don’t feel I lose anything switching to the BB. It doesn’t sync with iTunes but that ‘s why I have a 160GB iPod Classic. I also never watched movies on my iPhone. For me, it’s for phone and email.

    So, I like ’em both. At the moment I’m a Blackberry user.

  3. Tim says:

    BlackBerry. I have a Curve and iPhone . I like the iPhone and it is the best touch on the market hands down, but it still pales in comparison to BB. The only real edge the iPhone gets is for its browser, which sucks currently for speeds. BlackBerry can do everything, and when loaded with Opera mini, the browser is approaching par with the iPhone. Watch out apple when the touch bb hits the market.

  4. Joey says:

    I have had both, BB is a way better phone.

    kay21- you are a fool (no offense). You have obviously never owned a BB. iPhone is a great looking phone but that is it. The features on a BB easily surpass that of the iPhone.

    iPhone is great for youngsters, it is like the new age sidekick.

  5. Tony says:

    Of course like the majority of smartphone (if you can call the iphone a smart phone) users I use a symbian. Much much better features. If you are mainly an email user the BB. if you want a feature rich phone go for the N95. If you want eye candy the iphone is best.

  6. Justin says:

    I much prefer my messenger pigeons to either of these archaic devices.

    Electronics? Sorry, I use the green alternative. C’mon its 2008 people!

  7. Pete says:

    Having used both I chose the blackberry for 2 reasons.

    1 Apples constant desire to create exclusives is lame and locking me to at&t for what amounts to a portable wii / pda hybrid with a phone thrown in is as assinine as comparing a psuedo desktop made out of laptop parts to a true desktop.

    2 the blackberry technology just flat out keeps you better connected than apple could ever hope to achieve.

    Now let me also add that Obama has brought the JFK factor to this race by publicly endorsing RIM and thus creating a new wave of popularity for the blackberry which will build on an already faithful following.

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