Google Android Q4 08 Windows 7 Q1 2009 says HTC

Rumour has it that a regional HTC General manager by the name of Kevin Chen has stated that the first Windows Mobile 7 mobile phones will be launching in Q1 2009, which places it somewhere between six and nine months from now.

Chen also stated that HTC is planning to unveil their first mobile device with Google Android as its operating system by Q4 this year. However, Chen refused to elaborate any further on either the Google Android device or the Windows Mobile 7 launching in Q1 2009.

So taking these statements into consideration it could be construed that HTC already has a Google Android based device almost ready to launch, and are confident that it will be ready for launch when stated. As for the Windows Mobile 7 handset, it seems HTC isn’t that sure when it will be announced rather when it should be announced.

So far everything we have seen or heard about Windows Mobile 7 leads us to believe that a Windows Mobile 7 mobile phone launching before next year’s Mobile World Congress sounds somewhat premature even if that goes against the MWg roadmap, which by the way promised Windows Mobile 7 mobile devices even later this year.

So really it boils down to whether you believe Mr Chen has got it right or not, personally I say let’s wait and see what happens, sooner or later we will be seeing a Windows Mobile phone hitting the news.

Source — phonereport via engadgetmobile

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