3000 new WiFi Hotspots available via O2

O2 has announced a deal with BT Openzone which will allow enhancement of their unlimited WiFi package offered to all users of the Apple iPhone 3G. As of the 11th of July, Apple iPhone 3G users will be able to access in excess of 3,000 BT Openzone premier WiFi Hotspots as part of their monthly tariff and at no extra cost.

Apparently all O2 customers will receive unlimited access to the public WiFi Hotspots subject to an excessive use policy.

Furthermore, in addition to BT Openzone to O2’s existing arrangement with The Could will also bring the available public WiFi Hotspots for Apple iPhone 3G users to over a huge 9000. The first generation and second generation iPhone automatically choose the quickest network available and will also seamlessly switch from WiFi to BT Openzone or Cloud hotspots as an when they enter their area.

In the UK BT Openzone is available at more than 3000 premier hotspots and includes 13 BT wireless city centres, railway stations, airport lounges, motorway service stations, coffee shops and marinas, and furthermore gives easy to use broadband internet connectivity for the user to access corporate networks, dispatch emails, browse the web, and play internet bases games while on the move.

CEO of O2 UK, Ronan Dunne says: “By working with partners like BT Openzone we can maximise the web experience for iPhone customers. Public Wi-Fi hotspots ideally complement our mobile network, providing high speed web browsing and unlimited access to services like the iTunes Wi-Fi store in a wide variety of convenient locations.”

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