Firefox 3 Release Date June 17 6pm UK Time: Firefox Mobile Concept Video

As we all know Mozilla Firefox 3 Release Date is today 10am U.S time 6PM UK time and that they are going for a world record attempt for the most downloads, well we have told you about that already so how about something new.

Love this when it says “Firefox is coming to mobile” The innovation, usability, and extensibility that has propelled Firefox to 200 million users is set to do the same for Firefox in a mobile setting. What we all want is this all new Firefox 3 on mobile phones, but for now it is all about user experience which is the most important thing, trying to see it in clear interaction and pixel of presentation counts of course when typing on very small display screens.

Standard Mockup/Experimental UI Disclaimer
All of the images and videos are only conceptual mockups of an experimental UI for Firefox Mobile, any particular feature may end up looking entirely different, or may not even make it into the final release.
Touch. This concept prototype for Firefox mobile (code name Fennec) is being designed for a touch screen. Why not multitouch? Because Firefox should be able to run on the least common denominator of touch devices. Especially for touch-enabled interfaces direct manipulation is key. Along that line of thought, the interface should be operable with a finger. Switching between input methods is time-consuming and annoying, so the user shouldn’t have to switch to a stylus or other secondary form of input. Firefox will work on non-touchscreen devices, but that’s out of scope for this demo.

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