Cell Phones: How can you tell if GPS is network dependent or totally stand alone?

This is a good question we have sent in via our contact page, one of our readers called Brian has a good question that you may be able to answer.

Brian Asks: Could you clarify something for me regarding GPS on these new cell phones? When reading your reviews, how can I tell if the GPS is network dependent or totally stand alone? I want a GPS that will work when I am out of range of the network or traveling in another country without incurring roaming charges. Maybe you could coin some new jargon – ND-GPS for network dependent and SA-GPS for stand alone. It makes a huge difference in Canada as our data transfer rates are very expensive.

If anyone can answer this for Brian that would be fantastic, if no one can answer this then we will find out. We know about phones but when it comes to the technical terms within mobile cell phones it can sometimes be all jargon to us, we bring you all the latest news about the phones and obviously what specifications they have. Brian has a good point, how can you tell, does anyone know the answers behind this question, thanks for reading this now we are just waiting on the answer.

So Phones Review readers please help Brian out?


2 thoughts on “Cell Phones: How can you tell if GPS is network dependent or totally stand alone?”

    1. Jmg_ee says:

      all nokia phones that has a gps are stand alone… I use C5-00 andit really gives you the exact location, your speed, direction. and it gives an alarm if your going to a wrong direction. the phone even knows the 1 way in some major streets in our country. Even without a sim card the gps still work. First you have to stay in a one place and turn on the location in maps. wait for five minutes of course you must cancel the network if it asked for network connection. wait until it it reads 4 or more satellite usually about 5 to 10 mins… and there you go.. you have the connection wherever you go…

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