Mozilla Firefox 3 Release Date: Download ready today, Mobile Browser War

The high demand for Mozilla Firefox 3 is astonishing and so much so they are hoping to get into The Gusiness World Records; Mozilla prepares its open-source software to take on Microsoft, Google, and a world of mobile-phone confusion.

Mozilla Firefox 3 browser update is ready for download right now, they are hoping that they hit the world record for most Internet software downloads in 24 hours, so game on. The last Firefox update hit 1.6 million downloads so they are hoping this new update will hit somewhere in the region of 5 million. Firefox 3 speeds up browsing and adds a host of improvements, including the ability to adapt to your preferences as you use it, so ok Mozilla are going for the most downloads but we want to chat about Web browsing which is entering a whole new world and this whole new phase will definitely explode on mobile phones.

We all know that until now mobile browsing has been a pain in the backside, you know boring, slow, text-heavy and very hard to navigate in some cases, but all these new improvements will see a whole new light at the end of the tunnel, improvements in processing power, software, networking bandwidth and screen size are expected to boost the number of high-performance browsers on new mobile phones from 76 million last year to 694 million in 2013.

Mozilla has now got the new Firefox 3 update which is now ready for download; one of their aims is to pull people from browsing on their Computers to browsing on their mobile phones and pick up where they left off.

Anyway to download Mozilla Firefox 3 visit here.


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  1. Didn’t really follow the whole alpha/beta testing…just had a lot of media coverage here. It does have improved loading times which is absolutely awesome…and a really small installation file to boot.

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