Apple iPhone 3G data and pricing for Rogers and Fido in Canada revealed

Supplier of rumours on quite a few occasions, Howardforums user i.Fido, looks as if he’s lose lipped what Canadians can be expecting to have to shell out for plans on the Apple iPhone 3G launch on 11th July. It would appear (if rumour is correct of course) pricing seems to be set at $199.00 for the 8GB iphone 3G and $299.00 for the 16GB iPhone 3G as new activations, or upgrades to a qualifying two or three year plan.

Of course one will also require a data and voice plan and options will include a $30.00 unlimited Consumer Data Plan, something that’s been long overdue, or a $45.00 Enterprise Data Plan. Both of these plans will include Visual Voicemail when you subscribe to a voicemail plan, although only with the Corp plan will you get at your Exchange server for push mail.

Apparently though if you don’t qualify for an upgrade all is not over as the note goes on to say: “Rogers has not determined the price of the 3G device for non-qualified upgrades.” This seems to fall in line with what we have already heard along with activations will be achieved in-store, only three Apple iPhone 3G handsets per person (although why anyone would want 3 I have no idea) and obviously prepaid is a no-go area.

So all that being said and put to bed, one can presume Canada is still gaining the Apple iPhone 3G next month, right?

Source — howardforums

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