LG Dare VX9700 launching June 26 rumour: iPhone 3G on July 11, let the battle commence

We know that the Apple iPhone 3G is coming on July 11th for 22 countries so LG have to pull something out of the bag to sell masses of phones before Apple do, so what do they do? Well the latest rumour has it that they are planning on launching the LG Dare on June 26th.

Verizon the number 2 wireless carrier has just announced that they will be launching the LG Dare alongside the LG Chocolate 3 and LG Decoy to obviously attract newcomers to the CDMA network. The LG Dare seems like a good competitor to the iPhone 3G seeing as the Dare handset features a 3.2 megapixel camera, 3G radio, VZ Navigator and VCAST, the LG Dare also boasts clean lines, sleek looks and a touchscreen, so far so good. This could possible be a good fight and love the fact that iPhone 3G Vs LG Dare war is about to commence.

LG and Verizon have included some great specs including HTML Browser, 3.5mm headset jack, VGA video recording, microUSB, Bluetooth 2.0, microSDHC (8GB), EVDO Rev A and handwriting recognition, you will also get a light sensor and proximity sensor to adjust screen brightness and turn off the LCD accordingly which is stunning for battery saving. So if this is all true that Verizon is getting ready to launch the LG Dare on June 26 we can surely see sales hit the roof. So remember launching possibly on June 26 and in store sales starting July 3 which is still 8 days before the Apple iPhone 3G.

So readers will you choose the Apple iPhone 3G or the LG Dare?

Source – PhoneArena & Howard Forums

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