Over the top in glitz the designer Nokia 8800 diamond encrusted mobile

This one is obviously targeted for the wealthy amongst us, the Nokia 8800 “diamond accented” mobile phone, crafted by designer Peter Aloisson, the Nokia 8800 Arte Pink id literally covered in 18-Karat white gold and encrusted with over 680 pink and white diamonds.

Definitely one for the ladies, or for the guy to buy for his lady, or one for the ladies to dream of having at a ridiculous price of €85,000, that is roughly $131,673.

nokia 8800

Honestly why do they make these over-rated totally over-the-top expensive things? Does it actually do anything that the original Nokia 8800 can’t? No of course not, it’s just another trinket designed for the filthy rich to show off, and say “Oh look at the fab phone I have…scoff …scoff…scoff!” Wouldn’t they just simply keep this in their bank vault, just to bring out occasionally and drool over it?

Just who would really want to hand over $131,673 for this phone is beyond me, maybe the Beckham’s, or Ronaldo’s of the world, but this sort of flashy jewel encrusted toy is way out of the league of us mere normal folk. I suppose if a normal everyday person did really want it they could take out a bank loan or maybe re-mortgage their house, hmm…I wonder if they do a monthly payment plan…I think not.

So there it is, one for the “Oh I have everything, but need a diamond encrusted mobile phone brigade” One I won’t be rushing out to purchase.

Source — ubergizmo


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  1. first i saw you blog, it was complete like cell phone store hehehe just kidding..
    nice cell phone for the picture and so beautiful. is it heavy? coz with 18 Karat of gold, i think it’s heavier than the cell phone alone. could you tell me the complete spesificatons of that?

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