iPhone 3G Discussion: Do we really need Adobe Flash? Working version of Flash

This is the Apple iPhone 3G discussion corner and we have something pretty interesting, we want to know “Do we really need Adobe Flash?

It has been said that Adobe Flash is coming to the Apple iPhone someday, well now according to an Adobe representative during Q2 conference call there is a working version of Flash running on iPhone emulator. They said that they have a working version on the emulation; they said that it is still on the computer and need to continue to move it from a test environment onto the iPhone and continue to make it work. They said they are very pleased with the internal process that they have made to date.

Many people and of course myself doubted that Flash could at all run on the iPhone, but this news proves it is in fact possible and even myself will just sit back a ponder on the thought. All we say is, hopefully they will release a full working version for the Apple iPhone 3G, the main question that will get many thinking of course is the fact how they will release it, will it be a stand-alone product through an app store or will it be an add-on to Safari?

So do we really need Adobe Flash on the Apple iPhone?



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