Can Apple (AAPL, Fortune 500) do it? Can Steve Jobs sell big business on the iPhone?

In our eyes Steve Jobs is a decent man especially with the iPhone 3G looming closer by the day, we know that Jobs has won the hearts and of course legions of new customers with this all new iPhone but there is always a spanner in the works and one key group has stubbornly eluded him and quote “Big Business” Jon Fortt and Michal Lev-Ram write for Fortune.

Many people may say this is a mystery but in fact it is not, Apple’s mercurial CEO decided around 10 years ago that corporate IT departments were not worth all the trouble even though they buy technology gear in masses, so when it comes to computers they do often favour stripped down predictable technology which we know Steve Jobs finds boring. So instead of chasing that business he has courted upscale consumers with say innovative devices like the iPod and iMac that are of course functional and fashionable, this cannot be argued seeing as Apple’s stocks are up around 2,000 percent in the last 10 years. “But now as Jobs seeks to turbocharge sales of the 3G iPhone, he’ll have no choice but to embrace the corporate stiffs,” Fortt and Lev-Ram write. “That’s because while Apple’s computer and iPod sales are healthy, analysts believe the popular smartphone has the most growth potential – and business buyers could be the key to its success.” So Fortt and Lev-Ram ask, “Can Apple do it?”

Apple are definitely taking a step forward with a new corporate-friendly approach with the iPhone where they are trying to convince companies that it means big business about meeting their needs.

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