Bebo and Piczo social networking added to T-Mobile My Social Sites

T-Mobile has made an announcement that they are going to add social networking websites Piczo and Bebo to the T-Mobile My Social Sites service. T-Mobile states that this will mean UK users will be albe to stay in touch with their favourite social networking websites with one simple click and then upload images via their mobile phone direct to Bebo and Piczo.

The Head of Beyond Voice new Proposition Development ta T-Mobile, Pauline Lunn, (yes give Pauline a huge award for most inventive job title, albeit it being a mouthful.) states: “More than 800 million people are predicted to use social networks via a mobile phone by 2012. Our customers have told us that they want to stay in touch with their social networks, wherever they are and My Social Sites allows exactly that. By adding Bebo and Piczo to the service we’ve added two of the industry’s most popular sites.”

t-mobile bebo

T-Mobile’s My Social Sites is a mobile phone app which enables customers to manage their sites direct from their mobile handset, and send message alerts to the user’s mobile phone to inform them of updates and any changes. This service is charged at a rate of 5p to post a comment, send a message or receive a friend request, and 20p to upload a photo. Also users can for a cost of 20p per 24 hours access, browse profiles, search for friends and views other user’s photos.

t-mobile piczo

The T-Mobile My Social Sites is a free download for compatible mobile phones, and can be gained by texting SOCIAL to 49014.

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  1. Well, to soon to say if it’s good, but at least it’s well designed.
    I mean I thought I would be blocked after adding some interests, but the site helps you to add more.

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