2GB maximum for Apple iPhone Apps costing between 99 cents and a thousand dollars

If you are reading rumour after rumour then stop for a little bit take a breather and read this news. We have heard before iPhone apps can cost up to $1500 and that apps will be up to 3GB on the App Store, WRONG.

Apple seems to have gone and thrown in the “Let’s squash the meticulously thought-out plans out of the window” white flag with the real deal. The news has it that Apple do intend to allow developers to charge between 99 cents and a thousand dollars, well $999.99 to be exact for programs sold through its portal, well those that are not offered for free anyway, in tiered increments and of course dependant on the price range. Each single app must not exceed 2GB in size, we have no clue why this is being it technical or business reasons but that is how it is. What you must remember is downloading that sort of size over WiFi will be a complete and utter nightmare, but 3G maybe different. AppleInsider however have pointed out that the limitation could in fact put the squeeze on business apps that rely on very large integrated data sets to function.

So it seems the doors are wide open for developers but of course with limitations, the app store should be coming around July 11th which is the same day as the Apple iPhone 3G release, we say should be because we are not clearly sure as of yet.

Source — iLounge via AppleInsider


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