Like sexual innuendos and text messaging? SMS/MMS/emails may land you in Jail

A new report which has just come in which we found via The Register is pretty interesting really; a brand new Sexual Offences Bill has just been published in Scotland.

This new publication means you could face up to a massive 10 years in prison for sending SMS/MMS/emails with sexual innuendos, you know inappropriate sexual content. They say that the offence will be committed if such persons sends an unsolicited text message to someone else which a court finds was in fact designed to give the sender of the message sexual gratification or to humiliate, alarm or distress or the receiver of such messages. It can be committed by reading “a passage in a book or magazine” or by communicating the sounds of actual or simulated sexual activity or by communicating in sign language. There is no doubt this is happening of course it is and of course there is going to be an element of considered judgment as to where the text message has come into the category of flirty, humiliating or abusive.

Phones Review Says: The world we live in today is a world of modern language and the bad language and innuendos are strongly apparent, we know both sexes sends all sorts of inappropriate text content that many times are just a little bit of fun, but then in some cases these text messages can be pretty hurtful, trying to judge the thin line of fun and harm can be pretty difficult.

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